Main Attraction

Thailand is a wonderland full of historical, cultural and natural attractions that add a sensual charm to this already exotic kingdom. There are glittering Buddhist temples, epic cityscapes and awe nspiring caves along with beautiful open spaces and parks. Your options are varied but the result from each of them is the same- awe and wonder.


The Grand Palace: Get a feel of the grandeur and cultural history of Bangkok as well as Thailand itself by visiting this architectural art piece called as the Grand Palace. Symbolizing the Royal family since the founding of the country, the place was built in 1877 as his Royal residence of King Rama V. Though the Royal family now resides in Chitralada Palace, the Grand Palace is still used for ceremonial purposes. Do cisit the place as it is one of the most recognized architectural landmarks of the country famous all over the world for its grandeur and awe inspiring design.


Royal barge National Museum: Said to be one of the most spectacular processions of the world, the Royal Barge procession is held during the Tod Kathin Buddhist Festival when the king delivers new robes to the monks at Wat Arun. However, as a special gesture, the parade was also performed during 2003 APEC conference and viewed live by millions of viewers of the participating countries. Maintenance of these specially decorated boats comes under the jurisdiction of the Royal Thai navy who docks them at the Royal Barge National Museum. The most important of these boats is the king’s personal barge known as Suphanahong built in 1911. Representing a mystical swan, the barge is covered with intricate gilt carvings and propelled by skilled naval personnel in the procession. The museum gives you an in depth insight into the colorful history and culture of this wonderful kingdom.


Wat Pho: Considered to be one of the most interesting temples of Thailand, the Wat Pho temple is a center of traditional massage training and meditation, thus combining history and science in a delicate manner. Officially named as Wat Phrachetuphon Vimon Mangkaram Ratchaworamahawihan is most famous for its 46 meters high golden reclining Buddha that has feet inlaid with mother of pearl. The place has been internationally recognized for its meditation and traditional Thai massage courses that are both practiced and taught over here. In fact, in 2008, the place was formally registered with UNESCO’s Memory of the World documentary heritage for Asia and Pacific Region.


Chiang Mai Zoo: Located along the lower forest slopes of Doi Suthep Mountain, the Chiang Mai Zoo is home to around 200 typesof African and Asian mammals and birds with the star of the place being a panda couple. There is a mono rail service too operating for a distance of around 2kms. There is also a twilight zoo open during the evening hours along with a newly established aquarium that has the longest underwater tunnel of Asia with a length of around `133 meters that houses aquatic life from both rivers and sea. Moreover, the Nakhon Ping Bird Aviary is largest in whole of Thailand. In short, the place is a storehouse to study nature at close quarters in the midst of their natural environment.

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