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What is the best way to spend less money in Thailand?

Don't drink alcohol. Beer in particular is expensive when compared to the price of food. Other options include travelling in 3rd class trains and 2nd class fan buses. Spend most of your time upcountry and you'll also spend less, as prices are generally cheaper than in the big cities

# Is it easy to rent a car or motorcycle in Thailand?

Yes. You'll be expected to leave your passport, or a copy of your passport, in return. The insurance you get with these is generally not worth the paper it is written on.

# ) Are credit cards accepted in Thailand?

Yes, but not everywhere. Cheap to medium-priced guesthouses and most cheap restaurants will not accept credit cards. Pretty much everywhere else does.

# Are there ATMs in Thailand?

Yes, ATMs are everywhere excepting truly remote areas not easily reached by sealed road.
Most ATMs now accept debit cards as well as credit cards and the CIRRUS and MAESTRO symbols are the most widely accepted.

#What should I pack for a holiday in Thailand?

Essentials are a swimming costume, a day pack, a raincoat/umbrella in rainy season and some warm clothes if travelling in October to December, as some areas get cool. Take snorkelling gear or buy it on arrival if you plan to spend a lot of your time in the water. Passport with minimum 6 month validity left.

# What is the weather like in Thailand?

Thailand can best be described as tropical and humid for the majority of the country during most of the year. The area of Thailand north of Bangkok has a climate determined by three seasons whilst the southern peninsular region of Thailand has only two. the best time to visit Thailand is from November to February when the northeast monsoon is blowing cool, dry air which serves as a respite from the heat.

# What is the best timing for Thailand tours?

Generally speaking, the period from November to February is the best timing.

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